assignment specifications


Project #1: Pro Bono Case Study

Find a pro-bono project that a design firm has created and create a Case Studymodeled after the format of the AIGA site ( You will need to identify specific steps in the design process to profile and will be researching, documenting and writing your findings in a format that best communicates what you have found. What you will want to talk about is the process of the design, how the design firm went about creating the project, their motivation, concept and it’s ultimate effectiveness. Do not simply describe the final project as it was delivered, describe the process involved in it’s creation. You will need to contact the designers and the design firm to complete this assignment. When you call, be prepared with a knowledge of the firm and of the project you are investigating so that your comments will be informed. You many need to contact several firms if you are unable to find somebody to talk to about the project, so initially you will want to identify 3 or 4 projects to consider profiling. By examining a pro bono project you will be  learning the process behind the creation of what is usually one of the most innovative projects created by a studio. You will also be learning how to approach a design firm and how to do preliminary research prior to a “cold call”. You will also be documenting research online, linking to other blogs and research material, thus joining a larger discussion on a specific topic.


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