ripcord jumpstART case study


4 Responses to “ripcord jumpstART case study”

  1. 1 Danielle

    Wow I really like how you took the extra time to actually design your case study in another program other than blogger, I don’t know why but I did not even think to do that. Yours looks very nice and you had a ton of information. You asked a lot of questions, and got a lot of good answers which made it so that you could have very detailed responses. It shows that you put the extra time into it. It was pretty crazy to hear her quantify the project by saying they spent 1500 hours on it, and raised over $15,000. I really liked that they were helping kids in the area to have an art outlet, because that is often the first thing cut from schools. You described every step of the process very well.

  2. 2 Mike Baker

    Yeah, your case study design is very nice. Good idea to try designing it instead of limiting yourself to what WordPress can do without letting you edit CSS! I thought that this pro bono project had the best cause that I’ve seen out of all of the case studies I’ve read so far. Not only to promote artistry and creativity in business, but to help disadvantaged youth make it? Two huge causes in one event! I also liked how you covered how they got started as a company and also the part at the end where you mentioned how rewarding the experience was for them.

  3. 3 seandking

    That’s pretty crazy that it took so long for the project to be completed. I’m so used to projects taking only a few months if that. I wonder if it took 8 months due to the fact that it was free and other projects put this one on hold so the company could make some money. I wonder what the priorities were of the company over that long period of time.

  4. 4 ja2garci

    Great case study. You really had a “feel good” feeling after reading how all the work put in truly helped. When you think about how this firm tried to give back by helping out kids with art, you know their heart was in the right place. From the sounds of it, it took a huge team effort to amass the hours neccessary to complete the project. Your case study had a VERY professional look and feel to it. Great job!

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